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If you are an owner or manager of a holiday let property in the United Kingdom and struggle to get off peak weekdays booked, then why not get listed with us.

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Do you have a very large group of accommodation or are you a multiple accommodation provider then contact us on the form below to discuss the options to get listed available.

Would you like more detail?  Take a look at our property pack…

You can choose from these 3 options:

Instant book – your booking is taken instantly.  Your guests pay a deposit to secure the booking. This payment covers our marketing fee. You handle the booking from here on in and liaise with the guest to collect the balance, up-sell and arrange the booking.

Online booking – Booking is sent to you for approval before being taken. Once approved we take a deposit from the guest.  This covers our marketing fee and you handle the booking going forward.

Enquiry only – A guest can enquire and book with you directly.  Pay us our annual fee of £125 per year and nothing more (Contact us for more details of multiple/agents listing rates).

Our marketing fees for each instant and online booking is as follows –

One property – 10%

Two or more – 7%

As part of the fantastic new online booking platform we have a fully integrated channel manager that lets you sync your calendars for instant real time availability across all your listing sites. No need to login and update them all, just do it on Midweek Breaks and the rest will update for you.

When you have added your property it will be checked by our in house team before being published.

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