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Midweek Breaks With A Hot Tub

A Relaxing Addition To Your Break

Midweek Breaks with a Hot Tub

July 25, 2019 by midweek

Midweek Breaks with a Hot tub

Hot tubs are the latest craze when renting a holiday cottage. They are fantastic, you can use them in all weathers to sit with a glass of bubbly and a woolly hat in the depths of winter to celebrate a birthday or the Christmas season. In summer they can be refreshing and relaxing after a long day at the beach or miles of cycling the British coast. In the spring and autumn they can be warming and therapeutic after a walk exploring a new territory.

I think for us the most beneficial part of having a midweek break with a hot tub is the social aspect. There is no distraction with phones or TV.  You just have to relax and spend quality time with whoever might be sharing your hot tub with you!

All of our properties at Midweek Breaks are listed by the owners or agents, when you enquire it will be directly to the owner or manager, therefore you can be confident you are getting the best rates available.

Midweek breaks with hot tub fuelled by wood