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Group Accommodation

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March 26, 2019

Group Accommodation

Big holiday home for group accommodation suckley hall

Group accommodation

If you are planning a big family get together or a friend’s reunion,  you will need a big house that is set up for group accommodation.  Having lots of people to stay over and not having the worry about travelling can mean a memorable event for everyone involved.

Planning a big gathering is quite a task which is why most large houses to rent are able to help organise your group accommodation.  For instance, they may have a list of recommended suppliers that are used to finding their way around the property and know exactly where the power plugs are and what facilities they have to hand should they need them.  This can be a huge advantage and can save costly delays and stress when setting up.

Corporate accommodationGroup accommodation for business events

If you are planning a corporate event you might need to consider what meeting materials are needed.  These might include:

  • Strong WIFI
  • A large screen
  • USB, Lightening or HDMI cables
  • Charging points for laptops
  • Notepads
  • Pens
  • Water
  • Refreshments
  • Projector
  • Blinds to keep the sun out
  • Flipchart
  • Whiteboard and pens
  • Tape (to cover cables on floors)

Family Birthday or Anniversary

When planning a family getaway privacy might be your main concern, obtaining floor plans is a great way to be able to sort out sharing of rooms, bathrooms and other spaces.  Consequently Uncle Toms snoring will not keep everyone awake!  The property owner or manager will be able to assist in several areas –

  • A birthday cake made and delivered
  • Fresh flowers
  • Decoration
  • Special requests – e.g. Chocolates for the Birthday boy by his bed
  • Food deliveries
  • Chilled champagne for arrival

Group accommodation dining table set for dinnerEach property will be able to offer a range of services and will know the best caterers to use… just ask.

The beauty of hiring a big house is being able to cater for yourself.  Popping down for a coffee in your PJs is not the done thing in a hotel but when you hire a large house you can relax knowing you’re among friends.   Most properties will be near a major supermarket so you can arrange a food delivery for when you arrive.

If you are thinking about having a BBQ or using a firepit be sure to check for logs and lighting equipment.  You may need to order firelighters and kindling unless of course one of your guests is Bear Grylls!

Some properties benefit from a games room, swimming pool or tennis court.  Making the most of these facilities is recommended and running your own ‘mini Wimbledon’ is sure to bring out everyone’s competitive spirit – so add a trophy or two to your shopping list too.Self catering group accommodation with hot tub

The party houses and group accommodation available around the UK is outstanding, many properties have historic pasts and we are privileged to be able to stay in them.  Browse our range of large luxury houses to rent and start creating those precious memories….


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