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Holiday Cottages with amazing views

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January 9, 2020

Holiday Cottages with Amazing Views

The UK’s most stunning Holiday Cottages with Amazing Views

One of the most attractive features of a holiday home does not even belong to the property itself! It is the view that you have from the property.

Generally, we look for a view that is very different from our normal day to day living.  Furthermore, the view is enjoyed more if the property has a balcony or patio with seating.  Being able to pour a glass of wine and devour a meal whilst enjoying watching sheep graze or the sunset on a lake is so therapeutic.

Movement in a view is what makes it mesmerizing, watching seagulls swoop, fish splash or trees swish in the breeze.  In winter months you can safely observe violent seas and electric storms and, in the summer, some romantic sunsets or end to end blue skies.

Views of a castle or historic building

Staying in a holiday home with a view of a castle or other significant building or feature is quite awe inspiring.  The impressive stature of the building conjures up images of hundreds of workers in testing conditions working together to leave a long-lasting legacy.  The surrounding towns or villages are often built as a consequence of these historic places.

Lighthouses and cliff top locations can offer spectacular views

Appreciate the history of these quirky and unique buildings and the families that lived there for many months at a time.  They were often secluded from contact for long periods and saved many lives.  Stay in a Lighthouse keepers’ cottage and make some fantastic memories.


‘I can see the sea’ waterside locations

Watching the waves swoosh and lap around the rocks, seeing the tide rising and falling and the pure impressive power of the sea is something to be treasured. Analysis by the Economic and Social Research Institute in Ireland has indicated that coastal-dwellers aged 50 and over who enjoy sea views have lower rates of depression than the rest of the population.


Rolling fields and rural seclusion

Truly get away from it all in a cottage in a valley or surrounded by woodland. Get back to nature and wake to the sound of woodpeckers in place of traffic.  Fill your senses with smells of pine and fresh grass.



Viewing from height gives a unique perspective and gives a feeling of security.  Boost your mental wellbeing with sunsets on the balcony and morning tea watching the sunrise from these cottages with amazing views.

Find your next Midweek Break and revel in the marvellous coastline, hills, moors and countryside that we have around the UK.


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