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Luxury Big Houses

January 30, 2019 by midweek

Luxury Big Houses

Luxury big houses includes castles, manor houses and mansions.  Many owners of these historic properties are finding in increasingly difficult to sustain living in them.  One of the ways they can diversify is to let the property as a self catering holiday home for group accommodation.  The result is the general public can get a taste of what it feels like to stay in such grand surroundings in utter luxury, even if it is only for a short break!

Large houses to rent are perfect for family gatherings

It could be Uncle Bob’s 70th birthday celebration or your parents 50th Wedding anniversary.  Having all the family staying together in a big house means quality time but enough space to get away from each other and enjoy the grounds and facilities on offer.  For instance, you might find a fishing lake to keep the anglers happy, a games room for the teenagers and a hot tub for the adults to soak and relax after a lovely countryside walk.   Afterwards you can call in the caterers for a slap up meal in the evening to celebrate the special occasion.

Many luxury big houses and castles have an estate manager who can help you plan the special occasion and assist with booking any extra activities or surprises you might like.  The manager can also help detail exactly how best the accommodation might work for you and your guests. An example of this might be – if you have elderly relatives that need a downstairs bedroom or a new mum that would like to be near the kitchen for late night feeds.

Its a great time to book that special 50th Birthday bash or Wedding gathering in one of our fantastic castles, mansions or large houses… take a look at some of the special facilities and outstanding group accommodation we have to offer…

Is it expensive to stay in a mansion?  When you work out a price per person it really is much more cost effective than you might think plus a lot cheaper than staying in a plush hotel.  Our big properties for rent start around £200 per night up to £6000 per night. Additionally there is a lot more privacy when taking the self catering option – you can stroll down to the kitchen and grab a fresh coffee dressed in your pj’s, safe in the knowledge the only people to see you will be family or close friends.

Taking a midweek luxury break is even cheaper, you are able to benefit from off peak pricing and if the special day falls on a week day you’re likely to get the best deal available.  It always pays to enquire with the owner or manager for the most current pricing.

Cost savings also come when you are self catering.  Many of the large supermarkets deliver groceries so you can arrange a drop off at check in time.  One top tip though would be to arrange for some staff – although it is self catering it is also supposed to be a memorable break.  Why not hire a butler, kitchen staff or cleaners to help with the chores so you can enjoy your midweek break with everyone else!

The memories made when several generations of family come together in a luxury property are life long.  Start your journey to a memorable family gathering by browsing our holiday homes.

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