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Chocolate Box Cottages

Self catering cottages in the UK for Midweek or Short Breaks

Chocolate Box Cottages – self catering holidays

November 26, 2019 by midweek

Enjoy a short break in one of our Chocolate Box Cottages in the UK

Historically peasant farmers were called Cotters and would be housed in a Cottage, this could of been tied accommodation for the farm workers or just a farmers dwelling.  Generally a cottage is a rural small property that is old fashioned.  In the UK an English thatched property is considered an historic cottage and very desirable as a holiday home. Most chocolate box cottages are thatched. A 2013 report estimated that there were 60,000 properties in the UK with a thatched roof; they are usually made of long straw, combed wheat reed or water reed (Source:Wikipedia). Thatching helps to keep a property warm in winter and cool in the summer.

The term ‘Chocolate Box Cottages’ came from Cadburys when they featured the thatched cottages on their chocolate boxes.  The images were also frequently used as the subject for puzzles.  Along with their English cottage garden they became the epitome of rural English charm.

Thatched chocolate box cottage jigsaw puzzle

Thatched Cottage interesting facts

Often thatched properties are found near to a natural water supply and are on sheltered, slightly sloping land which gives good drainage and, thus, reduces problems with damp.

One of the first things you will notice on entering an English cottage is the very low ceilings and small rooms, this meant that they could be kept warmer with small fires.   In many villages you would have rows a cottages lining the street.  The shared walls ensured they kept each other warm and their walls thickness was measured in feet not inches – plenty of space on the window sill for flowers and ornaments.

The thick thatch and thick walls are a natural sound proofing from aircraft or traffic noise.

More than 75% of all thatched properties in England and Wales are listed by English Heritage.

The English Cottage Garden is traditionally adorned with roses, honeysuckle and pansies.  This fills the air with a natural perfume and fills the garden with an abundance of colour.

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